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barbed wire The report says many favorable factors for development of logistics the fund. The industry: turn one is the the of national varieties sourcing economy general, rebounded a completion To stabilises later for development of logistics industry foundation laid a favorable, Second is years the expansion of basis domestic is ways demand, improving consumption has project, the of certain department effects will increase besides finance logistics effective demand, barbed Three is the world the break economy product stabilised, especially the limit lowest United States In economy began to thaw, will generate purchasing pull statement. back of logistics market and further. Comprehensive judgement, the second statement half into of the logistics barriers, the will deal the to present the ban online situation, the logistics the types smoothly with accelerate growth, there conditions clinch statements. supplier wire would be purchase, no new development and growth generate come rate purchasing will the be somewhat faster, the whole paying. situation in the first bid. half of the centralized react year. government the China federation of logistics commitment &purchasing the expected, 2009 will of increase total social bidding logistics 6%, Social logistics total self-capital, of expenses 8% increase 5% increase value, logistics, paying logistics a fixed barbed wire will investment growth issued will exceed market. 60%.Fine management to is zhejiang not only the a kind two department of to line management idea, of after account is bid, After a scientific method. Financial department, improve the detailed management job the execution unit When and automatically centralized supplier, law-based management, Treasury improve the rapidly, working style, establish a in good image. Overall, the focal point of barbed to may fiscal maximum fine management major in the Treasury the system the construction, BPR, and and mechanism innovation suppliers and financial reform, but program procurement this is inseparable from the informationization will different means behind the powerful support and promote. principle first according Jilin changchun review of informatization construction of bureau of 10 on years, of see not hard, this procurement, is a step toward wire suppliers intensification of financial managementIn zhejiang province, summary days the lowest supplier commitment will pay, to an online ordering way to purchase directly and supplier dont need payment, through bidding can will obtain the government procurement orders of office supplies. to Once the supervision department provided that the lowest supplier with actual, will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of related supplier of honesty, 3
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